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Gas Drilling Accidents FAQ

Why should I hire an attorney to represent my case?
Even if you have been offered a settlement for your accident, you should still speak with a West Virginia gas drilling lawyer as there is a good chance your case is worth far more than you have been offered. Insurance companies and gas mining operations will routinely attempt to save money anywhere they can, and there is a widespread practice of purposefully undervaluing the settlement for a West Virginia gas drilling accident.

What should I expect in a claim?
If you weren't responsible for the accident, you have every right to expect full compensation for all the damages that occurred as a result. Your medical bills, rehabilitative treatment, any sort of property damage and the pain and suffering of the injury-all deserve compensation. You should also demand money to replace income your family has lost because of the accident, in the present as well as projected into the future.

I was in an accident but I don't have any symptoms-should I be worried?
Even if you didn't receive burn injuries or broken bones, you should still seek medical attention after a gas field accident. There is a very good chance that you were the victim of toxic vapor & chemical exposure that may not manifest symptoms for days or weeks after the incident, or perhaps even longer.

What are my options if I can't afford to hire an attorney?
When you have been the victim of a gas drilling accident, you shouldn't have to worry about money. You should be focused on recovering from your injuries and moving on from this episode. Our firm will represent your case and we will only charge you if we are able to recover damages on your behalf.

How serious does an injury have to be to take out a case?
There are no exact rules on how serious the injury must have been but it will need to be demonstrated that it caused adequate reasons for compensation to be sought. This may be medical expenses from the first hospital visit or recurring ones. It can also be for those that have been unable to work for a temporary period or permanently. It is a wise decision to have the case reviewed by a professional that can better determine if there is a valid claim.

Who is a gas drilling accident case taken out against?
There are different scenarios and different parties that may be responsible. Many cases are the fault of the employer or site manager when they fail to ensure the area is safe for workers and that their staff is prepared with safety measures. Third parties can also be to blame, as well as malfunctioning tools.

Injured in a gas drilling accident?

Come to Hartley Law Group for answers when you have been injured in a drilling accident. We are AV Rated and we have over 30 years of experience working to defend the rights of people like you. We know how difficult this experience must be for you, and we are ready to take on the challenge of fighting to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us for answers to all your questions and to get started on your case.

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