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Gas Drilling Accidents

Hartley Law Group can represent you in a lawsuit to recover compensation after a West Virginia gas drilling accident. The victims of this type of accident commonly suffer life-altering injuries that require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitative care. The worst accidents are fatal and cost the surviving family not only its livelihood but also the companionship of a treasured loved one. Gas and oil companies are among the most profitable in the nation, and yet they will do anything possible to minimize a claim for damages. You shouldn't let this stop you from pursuing the settlement you deserve. We are known nationwide for our success in recovering compensation for people in your situation and we are ready to discuss your case today.

Areas of Practice:

Burn Injuries

When accidents occur at the site of a gas drilling operation, the victims are likely to suffer burn injuries. Whether your injuries are from gas fires or if you have chemical burns, the experience can be excruciating, both during the accident and in the weeks or months of recovery. Pain and suffering are major factors in determining the value of a claim of this nature.

Chemical Spills

Accidental spills and leaks of toxic chemicals can cause injury in two stages. Anyone close to the spill at the time of the incident is potentially exposed through direct contact or inhalation of fumes to chemical burns and respiratory illness. The water supply in the area can also become contaminated, causing poisoning and leading to long term health problems such as cancer.

Drill Site Fires

A fire at the site of drilling for gas or oil is a disaster waiting to happen. It can occur through negligence, unskilled workers at the drill site, defective equipment, or simple accidents in drilling. Careful investigation of the causes of the fire provides valuable information for filing a claim for compensation.


The oil and natural gas industry is tightly regulated in order to ensure the safety of workers in this field, but even with this close scrutiny, accidents happen. Explosions in gas drilling operations attract lots of attention from the media and the general public for the devastating impact they have on the victims, but there is no guarantee that you will recover the settlement you deserve without a fight.

Gas Field Accidents

The work performed on the gas fields of West Virginia is dangerous, and accidents happen. When they do, those who were unfortunate enough to suffer injuries may be out of work for days, weeks or months, and in some cases the injury will cost the victim's family its livelihood.

Gas Truck Accidents

Driving a gas truck on the road or highway is exceedingly dangerous, given the combustible nature of the cargo. Accidents involving gas trucks could either be the truck driver's fault, or another driver could be responsible. The injuries in such cases range from collision injuries such as broken bones and spinal cord injuries to severe burns and death when the tank is ignited.

Property Damages

You may have been affected by a gas drilling accident without having suffered any type of physical injury. Homeowners and individuals who own property adjacent to a gas drilling site can take legal action when their property has been damaged during drilling operations or as part of an accident. Groundwater contamination is one of the most pervasive forms of property damage from gas drilling.

Toxic Vapor & Chemical Exposure

Whether you suffered exposure to chemicals or toxic vapors in an accident, or if you have been in contact with the injurious substance over a long period of time, you can seek a settlement. Your injuries may appear immediately or they may not be evident for months or years. Common examples include chemical burns, respiratory complications and various forms of cancer.

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